These organizations have worked together to make Let’s Fly Wisely a reality.

(in alphabetical order)



Flirtey was established in Sydney in 2013 and is today based in Nevada, USA. Flirtey is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service and was founded with the vision of revolutionising four industries – humanitarian, courier delivery, fast food and online retail. Website



The Health Wagon strives to meet the unique challenges of health care delivery to the medically underserved and indigent in poverty stricken areas of rural Appalachian. The Health Wagon is a non-profit, free medical clinic that is the only existing free health care system providing primary and specialty care services to the medically needy in the Coalfields of Virginia.  Through the use of a mobile health unit and two stationary clinics, the Health Wagon is able to bridge the gaps in health care coverage in the counties of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, and Wise with over 13 mobile and stationary clinic sites.  This innovative approach to health care has led to improved health outcomes in the rural communities across Southwest Virginia.  With a growing patient census of over 5,000, the Health Wagon is one of the largest free clinics in Virginia, providing medical services to some of the most disenfranchised individuals in the nation. In addition, the Health Wagon is responsible for spearheading the Remote Area Medical (RAM)™ event in Wise County, the largest medical outreach in the United States, for the past 16 years. Website



The Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech provides UAV flight testing and training services to public and private entities interested in incorporating unmanned vehicles into their operations. With academic partners the University of Maryland and Rutgers University, Virginia Tech operates one of only six FAA-approved UAV test sites in the country. MAAP is dedicated to promoting the safe and efficient integration of UAS into the national airspace. Website


NASA Langley Research Center

NASA’s Langley Research Center, the first civilian aeronautics laboratory in the U.S., has more than 95 years of aviation research experience, from designing and testing airfoils to developing next generation aircraft. Researchers at the Hampton facility are using their expertise in airspace operations, unmanned systems, sense and avoid technology, autonomy and other technical areas to help advance and expand the safe use of unmanned aircraft systems. Website



Founded by Stan Brock, former co-host of Wild Kingdom, Remote Area Medical™ provides health care to underserved, isolated, or impoverished communities all over the world through mobile pop-up clinics. They work in many countries around the world, as well as in areas of the United States, providing vital medical services as well as emergency care and disaster relief. Their “Stop the Suffering” initiative in Appalachia provides care to thousands of residents of this medically underserved region. Website


rxp logo

Rx Partnership is a public/private partnership that exists to increase access to medication for Virginia’s vulnerable populations and serve as a resource to the organizations that support these populations.  RxP serves as a broker, soliciting donated bulk medications from pharmaceutical clinics and arranging their distribution to affiliated free clinics and health centers throughout the Commonwealth. Since 2003, RxP has provided more than 539,659 prescriptions (valued at over $125.4 million) to more than 60,453 patients. Website


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.17.01 AM

SEESPAN INC. is an aerial interactive media startup company. SEESPAN safely acquires dynamic photographic coverage of favorite public venues with its unique tethered unmanned aerial systems (tUASs) so audiences can see the action from the sky, and share their experiences in real-time with friends and followers, wherever they are. The unique combination of the mobile SEESPAN Flight Control System (patent pending) and SEESPAN interactive media properties creates an online platform that enables consumers to see their worlds from the sky and engage each other as never before. Website


Wise Co NASA logo

Wise County is rapidly becoming a vibrant ecosystem for high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, the county has embraced unmanned aircraft as a technology that can strengthen the local economy and meaningfully enhance quality of life. Over the past year, Wise County has hosted several drone and aerospace-related events involving thousands of youth in the region. For example, in February the county hosted a micro-drone flying competition for over 100 Girl and Boy Scouts—the first event of its kind in the United States. Jack Kennedy has served as the Wise County/City of Norton Clerk of Court since 1995. Website



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